Americans waiting in line for a life or death
decision from the federal government

For Millions of Americans,
Help is Coming.

Every year, billions of dollars are available to Americans with disabilities, but only 15% of the eligible population will attempt to access this income source. Why? Because the system to provide access to disability benefits is broken. Americans encounter confusing eligibility standards, inconsistent regulations across government programs, archaic paperwork, and life threatening delays.

This is where Advocate comes in.   Advocate will help Americans engage with federal agencies through a scalable technology-enabled services platform to provide disabled Americans with a transparent, hassle-free way to receive government benefits they deserve. We believe that the application process for these benefits should be easy and the financial support accessible to all qualified claimants.


Have a look through the data to see for yourself that the government benefits system is overburdened and underfunded.   We've analyzed data sets with demographic information on program beneficiaries across federal agencies, financial solvency reports, population workforce estimates, and budgetary implications.


From Reebok to wheelchair distributors to academic think tanks, organizations across the country are all improving their services and accessibility for Americans with disabilities. It’s time for the government benefits system to follow suit. Read on for headlines, reports, and heartbreaking real-life stories.

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